Ensure accurate and efficient land registration with Rheinbrucke’s comprehensive cadastral surveying services. Our team of licensed surveyors leverages cutting-edge technology, including total stations, GNSS receivers, and advanced data processing software, to deliver high-precision cadastral surveys for various property types:

Urban plots: we meticulously measure and map your urban property, precisely defining its boundaries and incorporating any existing structures or improvements.

Rural plots: our expertise extends to rural land, accurately determining property lines and accounting for any natural or man-made features.

Construction projects: for construction projects, we provide precise cadastral surveys that serve as the foundation for land registration and facilitate the development process.

Beyond data collection, Rheinbrucke streamlines the entire land registration process for you:

Preparation of technical documentation: our team drafts all necessary technical documents, including property maps, boundary descriptions, and area calculations, ensuring they meet stringent land registry requirements.

Permit acquisition: we efficiently navigate the permitting process, securing the necessary licenses and approvals from relevant authorities to expedite land registration.

Land registry filing: our experienced professionals handle the filing of all cadastral documents with the Land Registry, ensuring a smooth and timely registration process.

By partnering with Rheinbrucke, you bypass bureaucratic hurdles and minimize turnaround times for land registration. Our expertise and streamlined procedures guarantee a stress-free and efficient experience.