Elevation plans for elevator shafts

Rheinbrucke provides detailed and precise elevator shaft elevation drawings, ensuring seamless integration of elevators into your projects.

Our expertise includes:

2D and 3D drawing generation: We create detailed scale drawings that illustrate the complete configuration of the elevator shaft, including:

– precise shaft dimensions (height, width, depth),

– elevator guide positioning and configuration,

– machine room and control room layout,

– reinforcement, beam, and base plate details for the shaft,

– elevator door and frame positioning,

– technical specifications for materials and finishes.

In-depth structural analysis: We perform detailed calculations to verify the load-bearing capacity of the elevator shaft, ensuring:

– compliance with building codes and standards,

– uniform load distribution,

– long-term structural stability,

– resistance to seismic and dynamic forces.

Optimization for spatial efficiency: We maximize the efficiency of the available space in the elevator shaft, considering:

– minimum shaft size according to standards,

– optimal positioning of elevator components,

– efficient use of space for cabling and ventilation.

Integration with building systems: We coordinate elevation drawings with other engineering disciplines, ensuring:

– compatibility with the building structure,

– integration with electrical and mechanical systems,

– compliance with safety and accessibility requirements.

Rheinbrucke is your trusted partner for precise and efficient elevation drawings, offering customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each project.