General site plans at different scales

Rheinbrucke provides meticulous general site plans at various scales, crafted by our team of experienced engineers. These detailed drawings go beyond simply locating buildings; they capture a comprehensive picture of your project site, including:

Precise building Location: our plans accurately depict the footprint and orientation of existing and proposed structures on the site.

Detailed site Features: we meticulously map all relevant elements within the site boundaries, such as neighboring buildings, roads, utilities, vegetation, and topographical features.

Scalable representation: we offer site plans in various scales, allowing you to visualize the project within the broader context and at a detailed level for specific design considerations.


 Informed design decisions: our site plans serve as a valuable foundation for future design work. By having a clear understanding of the site’s existing conditions, architects and urban planners can make informed decisions about building placement, access points, landscaping, and overall project feasibility.

Streamlined permitting process: accurate and detailed site plans can expedite the permitting process by providing clear documentation to local authorities.

Enhanced project communication: site plans facilitate effective communication among stakeholders, ensuring everyone involved has a shared understanding of the project site.

The final cost of our site planning services is tailored to your project’s specific needs. Factors that influence the cost include:

Site size and complexity: larger and more complex sites require more extensive surveying and data collection.

Level of detail required: the desired scale and level of detail in the site plan will impact the overall effort involved.

Additional surveying services: if you require additional services like topography surveys or soil testing, these will be factored into the final quotation.

Contact Rheinbrucke today to discuss your project requirements and receive a customized quote for your general site plan and any additional surveying services you may need.