Making pre-measurements, developing required specifications, cost estimating

Lay a solid foundation for your project’s success with Rheinbrucke’s meticulous pre-construction planning services. Our team employs a comprehensive approach that encompasses:

Detailed pre-measurements: utilizing advanced surveying equipment (e.g., laser scanners, total stations), we conduct precise on-site measurements of the project area. This data forms the critical baseline for all subsequent design and construction phases.

Technical specifications development: we translate your project vision into a comprehensive set of technical specifications. This document outlines critical aspects such as:

– material selections (e.g., concrete strength, foundation type, building envelope materials),

– structural requirements (e.g., load-bearing capacities, seismic considerations, fire safety ratings),

– system specifications (e.g., HVAC systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems),

– construction methods (e.g., foundation construction techniques, building envelope installation methods),

– sustainability considerations (e.g., energy efficiency standards, water conservation measures),

– regulatory compliance (e.g., adherence to building codes and zoning regulations).

Cost estimating with accuracy: leveraging industry databases, historical project data, and current market conditions, we generate highly accurate cost estimates. This detailed cost breakdown encompasses:

– material costs,

– labor costs,

– equipment rental costs,

– permitting fees,

– contingency reserves.

Rheinbrucke’s commitment to precision and professionalism ensures you enter the construction phase with a clear roadmap and a realistic understanding of project costs.