Other works and topographic studies

Rheinbrucke is a leading provider of terrain works and topographic studies, specializing in complex projects across diverse landscapes. Backed by over 30 years of experience, a team of highly skilled professionals, and cutting-edge technological advancements, we are equipped to tackle any terrain challenge, regardless of scale or complexity.

Other services:

 Detailed topographic surveys: we employ advanced surveying equipment, including total stations, GNSS receivers, and 3D laser scanners, to generate highly accurate digital terrain models (DTMs) and digital surface models (DSMs). These models provide a comprehensive understanding of the existing site conditions, including topography, vegetation, and man-made features.

Site investigation and analysis: our team of geotechnical engineers conducts thorough site investigations to assess soil properties, bearing capacity, and potential geological hazards. This information is crucial for informing foundation design, excavation planning, and slope stability analysis.

Earthworks engineering: Rheinbrucke offers expertise in all aspects of earthworks, including:

 – Cut and fill calculations: we utilize specialized software to optimize earthwork volumes, minimizing transportation costs and environmental impact.

– Excavation planning and execution: our team develops detailed excavation plans that consider safety, efficiency, and environmental regulations. We possess the necessary equipment and expertise to handle various excavation techniques, from conventional methods to advanced technologies like hydro-excavation.

– Embankment construction and stabilization: we ensure proper construction and stabilization of embankments through compaction techniques, geosynthetics, and other methods, depending on project requirements.

Drainage design and Implementation: our engineers design and implement effective drainage systems to manage stormwater runoff and prevent erosion. This may involve installing drainage swales, ditches, or subterranean drainage pipes.

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