Plans for determination of verticality

Rheinbrucke offers comprehensive plans for determining the verticality of your structure, a crucial parameter for ensuring its functionality and safety. These measurements are particularly critical for high-rise buildings, as deviations from perfect verticality can compromise their stability during seismic events.

Our Approach:

Unlike basic level checks, Rheinbrucke utilizes advanced techniques that go beyond traditional plumb bobs and levels. We employ a specialized surveying framework that incorporates:

High-precision theodolites and electronic distance meters (EDMs): these advanced instruments offer superior accuracy in measuring angles and distances, allowing for highly detailed analysis of vertical alignment.

Temperature and atmospheric pressure corrections: we account for environmental fluctuations that can influence measurement readings, ensuring the utmost precision.

Data redundancy and statistical analysis: measurements are taken from multiple points and analyzed statistically to minimize errors and provide the most reliable data.


Early detection of structural issues: regular verticality assessments can identify even minor deviations from plumb, allowing for timely intervention before they become significant problems.

Enhanced seismic resilience: by ensuring proper vertical alignment, your building can better withstand the lateral forces exerted during earthquakes, minimizing the risk of damage.

Improved construction quality control: verticality measurements can be used to verify the accuracy of construction methods and materials, ensuring a structurally sound building.

Peace of mind: knowing your building’s verticality is within acceptable tolerances provides peace of mind for occupants and property owners.

Frequency of Assessments:

We recommend regular verticality assessments, especially for high-rise buildings. The ideal frequency depends on various factors, including:

– building height and structural design,

– seismic activity in the region,

– presence of any pre-existing structural concerns.

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