School design on two floors

Community and cultural buildings

The school rehabilitation project is a transformative initiative, driven by the ambition to create an optimal learning environment for students and teachers.  This comprehensive project will revitalize and modernize the entire school complex, ensuring a safe, functional, and inspiring space for education.

Key areas of focus include:

– Structural upgrades: Ensuring the building’s safety and longevity through repairs to its core structure.

– Modernized systems: Upgrading electrical, plumbing, and heating systems for improved functionality and efficiency.

– Enhanced security: Implementing updated security and safety installations for peace of mind.

– Optimized learning spaces: Redeveloping and optimizing interior spaces to create flexible environments that cater to the specific needs of modern education.


By breathing new life into this school, we aim to transform it into a vibrant and attractive educational center. This project will provide the optimal conditions for students’ harmonious development and empower teachers to deliver effective instruction.