Traces for construction projects of any type (civil, industrial, road, water and petrochemical works)

Rheinbrucke delivers high-precision construction documentation (traces) for projects of any scale and complexity.

Our expertise encompasses:

Civil engineering: we generate detailed technical drawings and specifications for residential buildings, commercial structures, bridges, tunnels, and other civil infrastructure projects.

Industrial construction: our team is well-versed in the specific requirements of industrial facilities. We provide comprehensive documentation for factories, warehouses, power plants, and other industrial projects, ensuring adherence to relevant industry standards.

Road and water projects: we create precise plans and specifications for road construction, bridges, dams, canals, and other water conservancy projects. Our expertise includes technical documentation for drainage systems, pavement design, and hydraulic calculations.

Our team of professionals leverages the latest technologies, including:

Building information modeling (BIM): we utilize BIM software to create comprehensive 3D models of your project, facilitating design collaboration, clash detection, and cost estimation.

Computer-aided design (CAD): our team is proficient in advanced CAD software, ensuring the creation of highly detailed and accurate 2D drawings for construction purposes.

Geographic information systems (GIS): for projects with a significant geographical component, we can integrate GIS technology to provide precise site plans and topographical surveys.

Beyond technical expertise, Rheinbrucke prioritizes environmental and safety considerations:

– we adhere to strict environmental regulations throughout the documentation process, minimizing our impact on the surroundings,

– our team incorporates safety best practices into the construction plans, ensuring worker safety and a smooth project execution.

By partnering with Rheinbrucke, you can be confident in receiving high-quality, project-specific construction documentation that meets the highest technical standards while adhering to environmental and safety regulations.