Traces for facades and curtain walls

Rheinbrucke offers industry-leading expertise in analyzing and designing facade and curtain wall systems, ensuring exceptional durability and optimal performance for your building.

Our approach involves:

In-depth analysis of the original work plan: we meticulously review the original design to understand the project’s structural integrity and intended use. This forms the foundation for our facade analysis.

Site-specific environmental assessment: our team conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental conditions that will impact the facade, including wind loads, seismic activity, temperature fluctuations, and UV exposure. Advanced software and analytical tools are used to model these factors and predict their influence on the facade’s performance.

Settlement analysis: Rheinbrucke’s experienced engineers leverage their expertise to determine the settling parameters of the building structure. This crucial aspect considers the building’s materials, foundation type, and anticipated weight distribution, ensuring the facade system can accommodate potential movement without compromising its integrity.

Detailed work plan development: based on the combined insights from the original work plan analysis, environmental assessment, and settlement analysis, Rheinbrucke engineers create a highly detailed work plan specifically tailored to your project’s unique requirements. This plan outlines the optimal facade system design, including:

– Selection of appropriate facade materials: our team considers factors like thermal performance, acoustic insulation, fire resistance, weather resistance, and aesthetics to identify the most suitable materials for your project.

– Structural calculations: detailed structural calculations are performed to ensure the chosen facade system can withstand anticipated loads and stresses while maintaining its intended function and visual appeal.

– Installation specifications: the work plan provides clear and comprehensive specifications for the installation of the facade system, ensuring proper integration with the building structure and optimal performance over time.

Through this comprehensive approach, Rheinbrucke delivers robust and aesthetically pleasing facade and curtain wall systems that are built to last, enhancing the functionality, energy efficiency, and overall value of your building.